About Us


Unique Combination Jewellery with Fashion Flair

Since its launch of the first combination rings six years ago, things have really taken off for Spinning Jewelry. Today, we are proud to be a key player in the international market for designer combination jewellery, but the focus is still the same: the individual woman and her very own personal jewellery.

Unika Design was founded in 1985 by Hans Henrik Nygaard in humble surroundings in a basement in Aarhus. He wanted to create genuine jewellery for all types of fashion-conscious women – jewellery with an edge, personality and a touch of humour, and at a reasonable price, but without compromising on high quality.

Spinning Jewelry has become a market leader at a record-breaking pace within the concept of ‘combination jewellery’. As the name suggests, Spinning Jewelry actively involves the end-user in the design process, allowing her to combine and create her very own jewellery to match a specific mood, occasion or outfit.

At Spinning Jewelry, we underpin the design philosophy
of personal jewellery with a full-scale jewellery concept 
comprising rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all 
in an exclusive, but reasonably priced, universe of silver, 
gold, pearls, diamonds and semi-precious stones. 
The ring concept – which Spinning Jewelry was the 
first to introduce in the international market for 
combination jewellery – forms the foundation of 
the current collection which comprises more than 
100 individual designs.